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-Why go mobile?

Both our mobile veterinary and our mobile pet grooming services offer pet owners a convenient, affordable, and quality pet care alternative. For example:
  Instead of spending time in a waiting room, pet owners can continue to enjoy uninterrupted the comfort of their own home right up to the moment our veterinary or grooming professionals arrive for their scheduled appointment;
  Having us come to your home minimizes the stress and trauma that pets often feel when they must be transported to a strange place;
  Pet owners do not have to fight the busy Atlanta traffic to get their pet to a veterinary or grooming appointment - instead, we come to you, and can perform all veterinary procedures in your home and grooming services in yourdriveway.
  No hair or "accidental" messes in your car.
  One-on-one uninterrupted veterinary attention and consultations.
  We carry our pharmaceuticals with us for immediate dispensing.

Competitive Pricing, No Trip Fee
& Multi-Pet Discount

Unlike other mobile services, our mobile veterinary and grooming services do not charge any trip or other such fee to deliver quality services to our clients on a housecall basis. Moreover, our services are competitively priced to ensure our clients receive excellent value for their money.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, our pricing, or our convenient appointment times and appointment availability. Also, we will gladly furnish a price estimate (tailored to your needs) upon request.

Mobile Veterinary Services

Among the many veterinary services that our medical professionals provide are:
  Comprehensive Physical Examinations and Consultations
  Lab Tests and Blood Screening
  Senior Pet Care
  Minor Injuries, Infections, Allergies
  In-home Euthanasia
  Orthopedic Exams
  Flea, Tick, Heartworm and other parasitic controls

Mobile Grooming Services

Our mobile grooming professionals provide topnotch grooming services for both dogs and cats located throughout metro Atlanta. We offer a full range of pet grooming services and products. Our groomers perform all grooming in the comfort of our spacious, well-equipped grooming van.

We hope you will call us for an appointment.
We look forward to serving both you and your pet soon!

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