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Checklist for Screening Your Petís Health

Did you know that your pet ages, on average, approximately 5 to 7 times faster than you do as a human being? Because of their accelerated aging, pets need regular health exams to help ensure early detection of potential health problems.

Following is a checklist you can use to help discover many potential pet health problems before they become serious (and unnecessarily expensive). Contact your veterinarian for guidance if you answer ďNOĒ to any of the following points about your petís behavior or appearance.

Your pet should
  act normal - be active and in good spirits
  have a normal appetite with no difficulty in chewing or swallowing
  breath normally, without coughing or straining
  urinate in the usual amounts and with normal frequency without straining
  have normal appearing bowel movements without straining
  walk without stiffness, pain, or difficulty
  have healthy looking feet and nails
  have healthy looking skin and a full glossy coat free from flakes
  be free from fleas, ticks, lice, mites, hot spots, and open sores
  have ears that are clean and do not have an offensive odor
  not frequently paw or shake head
  have bright, clear eyes free of matter & discharge
  have a moist nose free of discharge
  have gums that are pink with no redness, and a non-offensive breath odor
  have no offensive body odor, no lumps or bumps, and should not indicate any pain or undue sensitivity when being touched or petted

Watch for:
Excessive thirst or hunger  
Weight gain or loss with no change in diet or exercise regimen
Pet is seemingly lethargic, confused, or has loss of coordination

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