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Grooming Price List

Other Prices Available Upon Request
***grooming prices are subject to revision at the groomer’s discretion***
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Dog Grooming Packages
Our Mini-Groom packages for dogs include the following:

Bath (if desired) & blow-dry Ear plucking & cleaning
Hair Trim (face, ears, feet & sanitary areas) Nail Trim
Bandana or Bows
The Full Groom package includes all of the services included in the mini-groom packages described above; plus, your dog receives a full haircut.
Dog Grooming Prices
  Mini-Groom Full Groom
Small Dog (25 lbs or less) $55-$65 $65-$75
Medium Dog (26-50 lbs) $65-$75 $75-$90
Large Dog (51-75lbs) $80-$90 $90-$110
Ex-large Dog (76 lbs+) $90-$110 $110-$135
* Full groom prices depend on breed specifications.

Cat Grooming Packages


Regular Package (bath, blowdry, nails, ears) $65-$75
Lion Cut or Summer Cut Package (including bath, etc.) $75-$95
Lion Cut or Summer Cut Only (no bath) $60-$70
* Cat prices depend on weight and/or condition of coat.
Note: Additional charges may apply at the groomer's discretion if your pet requires extra time because of behavioral issues or because of extreme matting, etc.
Other Prices & Services
Hourly Rate (for non-package services; e.g., haircut only, etc.) $70/hour
Hand Stripping $30 extra
Full Scissors Cut (use of hand scissors instead of clippers) $30 extra
Nail Trim or Nail Polishing $20  
Express Anal Glands (external only) $20  
Teeth Brushing (not dental scaling) $20  

We look forward to serving both you and your pet soon!

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